What is decarbonisation?

Decarbonisation is the process of cutting down and eventually eliminating carbon dioxide emissions from our daily lives.

In the past, power systems have relied on carbon intensive generation facilities.

We are now decarbonising our power system through a shift towards low-emissions renewable energy sources and storage.

New generation and storage

The State Government, through Synergy and the Water Corporation, is investing in renewable energy and storage projects to secure our future energy needs.

Synergy and the Water Corporation are preparing plans to benefit from these assets, and will be working closely with the private sector.

The plans will introduce about 810 megawatts of wind generation and 1,100 megawatts of electricity storage into the power system over the next seven years.

This is an ambitious capital works program and will mean hundreds of jobs for Western Australians for many years to come.

Multiple sites are being considered for new renewables and storage projects, particularly in the south west of the state.

More information on the type and location of these renewable energy projects will be made available in the coming months as plans are further developed.

Technologies being investigated

The State Government is considering a broad mix of technologies that can be deployed to decarbonise the energy system.

Synergy and the Water Corporation, in partnership with other government agencies, will be investigating whether pumped hydroelectricity energy storage is technically and economically feasible at a utility scale in Western Australia.

Renewable hydrogen is also an emerging technology that will be evaluated for economic feasibility relative to costs of alternative technologies.

Western Power is also investigating options for network upgrades to help support this renewable energy transition.

Retirement of Synergy’s coal-fired power stations

As part of the commitment to decarbonisation, the State Government will be retiring the existing fleet of Synergy-owned coal-fired power stations.

The State Government has now announced indicative retirement dates for Synergy’s coal-fired power stations, shown in the timeline below.