An introduction to WA’s Energy Sector

Through three short videos, we give a snapshot of some of the basics of the energy sector.  ‘What is Energy?’, ‘How Electricity is Supplied at Home’ and ‘Optimising Solar’ explain some of the key pieces of the energy puzzle.


The puzzle is all put together in the ‘Introduction to WA’s Energy Sector’ training package, which gives consumers the background knowledge needed to play an active part in the energy sector’s evolution and to engage with the industry in a meaningful way.


The free, interactive training covers topics such as electricity and gas supply, regulations, safety, small-scale renewables, managing energy use, and consumer information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The training package, Introduction to WA’s Energy Sector, is designed for household and small business consumers who want to know more about how WA’s energy sector operates.


Learn about developments in the sector, the move to renewables, how to conserve energy and the rights that consumers have.

The eight modules take approximately three hours to complete, but you can leave and come back at any time.

The quiz is optional but will give you the opportunity to test your knowledge.

The package is freely available and can be used by businesses and training organisations with appropriate referencing, and we welcome you sharing it with your team.

The Western Australian Advocacy for Consumers of Energy Program provides a co-ordinated program for providing consumer feedback to the sector. Head to the Energy Policy WA website for more details or to provide feedback. Alternatively, contact the Consumer Policy and Advocacy Team at Energy Policy WA on 6551 4600.


There are also multiple opportunities to engage in consultation and provide formal feedback to Western Australia’s energy sector. Subscribe to the Energy Policy WA Consumer News email for updates straight to your inbox.


You can also contact your electricity or gas provider directly – check their website for contact information – and provide feedback about their service or offering.

Energy Policy WA is working to support consumers in sharing their views with the sector through the WA ACE Program, which coordinates consumer advocacy efforts and streamlines consultation processes, making it easier to have your say. The program also manages grants for energy consumer focused projects or research.